My CSR Christmas List

14/12/2010 at 11:53 8 comentarios

My Christmas List for CSR Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been a little naughty this year but you know I am very nice deep inside, so here goes my CSR wishlist for 2011, with a few but important items:

  1. Help us find the way to link corporate responsibility and responsible consumption since they are two sides of the same coin.
  2. Uncover the bad guys. There are plenty of companies claiming to be socially responsible while their products and services are far from being good for the community.
  3. Illuminate us CSR professionals with coherence and common sense. Don’t let us be misled by siren songs in the shape of beautifully designed PR & marketing plans. Help us read between the lines.
  4. Please give us a big dictionary and a nice calculator. The dictionary will be to translate CSR into the real language of people and small/medium businesses. The calculator will be to calculate the benefits of CSR in terms of profit and ROI.
  5. Please bring us a national CSR strategy for Spain or, even better, a PanEuropean CSR policy and support. Inspire our leaders.

Thanks, Santa!

Yours faithfully, Juan


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  • 1. Genona  |  14/12/2010 en 13:27

    Dear dictionary,
    What does ROI stand for?
    Merry Christmas xx

  • 2. Juan Villamayor  |  14/12/2010 en 13:33

    Hello my dear reader,

    ROI stands for Return On Investment. That’s the profit you get from an investment you have done. It’s used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment.

    Happy Christmas!

  • 3. Chris Milton  |  14/12/2010 en 23:54

    I think the EU may be your secret santa Juan, as pan-european CSR legislation looks increasingly likely under the Single Market Act, which should be finalised by the end of 2011. Happy Christmas!

    • 4. Juan Villamayor  |  15/12/2010 en 10:39

      I like that! Thanks EU-Santa, haha
      Merry Christmas/Feliz Navidad

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  • 6. David Cowen  |  19/12/2010 en 17:13

    Liked the list. For ROI, we need a new calculation that accounts for the “total cost” of a product or service. We also need for socities to understand that life will be very different in the future, if not for them, then for their children or their children’s children. But it has to happen.

    May you and yours make this holiday season whatever you need or want it to be!

    • 7. Juan Villamayor  |  19/12/2010 en 22:02

      Thanks for the holiday wishes! And you are right about the new cost calculation that includes all externalities. Happy Holidays and all the best for 2011!

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