Is Barcelona learning to be green?

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Usually I am very critical about Barcelona being a green capital (see my previous post about Barcelona’s bid to become European Green Capital). This city lacks green areas; there are also far too many cars polluting the city air to almost unbearable extents. These problems need to be solved soon.

However, I must admit that some things are changing and that the city is making efforts to become green and sustainable.

Every household in Barcelona will get this free jar to dispose kitchen oil

When I got home yesterday, I found a very interesting flyer from our city government in the mailbox. It said that every citizen can go to the district green center and pick up a free jar to collect used kitchen oil. When the jar is full, they can bring it back to their green centers so it can be emptied in special containers. Plus, the jars can be used again and again, they are not disposable. I think it is a great way to make things easier for people and fight against one of the biggest enemies of sustainable living: laziness, or the big excuse “I would love to but I dont know how”.

Another example could be biceberg, a bike parking system that can be found along the beach in Barcelona. Many people fear that their bicycle will be stolen while they are at the beach or jogging so this system is really useful and original.

Barcelona is also known for our public bike sharing system, bicing, and bicycles are a part of the city landscape.

Many things still have to be improved, and we have to point out what needs to be changed, but it is also necessary to spread the good news and send a positive message.


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