The Seven Joys Of Sustainability

10/06/2011 at 18:00 2 comentarios

And the GodDess of Sustainability spoke onto the responsible* business WoMan and said:

You and your socially responsible company shall not fear the uncertainties of the future for I will reward you with the Seven Joys of Sustainability:

  • Salvation: Your business will be saved from unexpected, dangerous situations because you will have tools to manage risks properly and ways to deal with the conflicts with your stakeholders.
  • The Promised Land: You will explore new horizons where new, sustainable business opportunities will arise, for sustainability reinforces creative thinking.
  • Revelation: Thanks to your efficient, lively sustainability reporting, your company will be revealed to the public as being a proper corporate citizen, gaining in reputation and legitimacy in front of the people and the authorities.
  • Love: Your contribution to a better society and to a more sustainable way of living will improve your relationship with your stakeholders, establishing an alliance that will lead to mutual benefit.
  • Wisdom: You will learn how to use your resources more wisely. This optimisation not only will reduce your costs, but also will protect the environment and the sustainability of future generations.
  • Eternal Life: Your sustainable strategy will grant you survival in the long-run, especially necessary in an uncertain, ever changing world.
  • Creation: Your shareholders will be rewarded with the creation of value, the reduction of unexpected risks and a solid financial situation in the long-run.

*Please note that GodDess only speaks to the responsible business people, not just to everybody


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  • 1. Chris Oestereich  |  10/06/2011 en 18:50

    And lo the clouds did part and the sun did shine on the responsible business. (And there was much rejoicing!)

  • 2. Juan Villamayor  |  14/06/2011 en 10:42

    That was good Chris! If only there was a deity who could the work for us, but then it would be only half the fun. We’ll keep on relying on hard work, commitment and strategy
    Cheers 🙂



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Es posible generar más valor mientras se aplican principios éticos. Al final todos salen beneficiados: las empresas, la sociedad y el medio ambiente. Eso es lo que yo llamo "Negocios Con Sentido Común".

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