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Soportales de la Calle Mayor de Palencia.

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Last week I visited my family in Palencia, a lovely, small, provincial town in Castilla y León (Northwestern Spain). During my trip, I had the chance to know the regional centre for environmental educative resources, PRAE. It was fantastic to see how they use different resources so that children and grown-ups get familiar with environmental issues. They also have different cooperation programs with schools to teach kids the first notions of sustainability.

During my visit there was a group of primary school girls and boys listening to how they can contribute to reduce global warming. Everything was being explained in their own language, and the kids were really interested, with their eyes and their ears wide open. I bet that they tried to transmit the message to their parents when they went back home: “Mom, we should replace that light bulb, it uses too much energy”.

This initiative of teaching sustainability, also called environmental education, is the best way to make children familiar with issues like global warming or renewable energy.

And what about being socially responsible? I have always thought that responsible consumption and responsible business are two sides of the same coin. The sooner we start to “create” responsible citizens, the more chances we will have that these future business people will be socially and environmentally conscious.

Most school programs (mostly in secondary school) already include notions of of economy and business. Why not include sustainable and responsible business, as well as responsible consumption? Now that’s something were governments could really do something to promote sustainability.

Are you aware of school programs (primary or secondary) were corporate social responsibility is included as a curricular activity, maybe under subjects such as economy or civic education? Do you know any initiative to teach children or teenagers the benefits of sustainable business?

The responsible children of today will be the responsible business people of tomorrow.

Center for Environmental Education, Castile and León

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